Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Late Night at the Yarn Shop

I love Remi for lots of reasons, but clearly a big one is that she lets me create. Yesterday, bad knees and all, we stalked the creative muse to discover some more display options. First she let me play in the windows, begin some displays and discover things we needed to make it all better and easier. (Those gorgeous baskets were from Phyllis.)
Next we bought chain at Home Depot to use for hanging garments from the ceiling.

(Picture cute Remi pushing her grayhaired Nana around the store in a wheelchair. Men were falling all over themselves to help us find what we needed and I don't mean the employees.)

DH Steve was enlisted to climb and engineer after hours. Remi, Phyllis and I gave him more suggestions that he needed.

Remi selected garments for the walls and other displays. We all kept in mind her new mantra of "Clean, Classic, Elegant." It is hard to keep it clean lined because we have so much to display and sell. This is our new challenge--to be incredibly innovative and clever in use of space.

Even Steve had fun. Don't forget to notice the new chair cushions that Sandy made. They fit the mantra well.

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Virtuous said...

The new place is wonderful! I luv it!
You all worked so hard and mission accomplished! @ mantra! :o)