Friday, October 10, 2008

Nana Rocks and Super Cyclist

My grandson thinks his Nana is #1. I made him a new sweater with an Autobot on the front. (Transformer good guy) It was a surprise and when he saw it, he just lit up. Worth the incredible effort to knit that image in intarsia in the round. Never again!! It can be done, but isn't worth it. Bring on the seams.

The graph for the autobot is from Lori Magnus of

It's a top down raglan, so he can grow with it some. I like the rolled neck for him because it is easy to get on and off. The yarn is Schulana Super Cotton. I bought it at Charlotte Yarn for a bit of nothing. I think it is older than Remi. The composition is 70% cotton with 30% polyester elastic.
Number 8 needle.

Steve rode the MS Ride last month as usual. But this time he rode for a particular person--Lynda Murray, the saint. She signed his bandana for him and he wanted to display it so no one would miss it.
The little ponytail in the back is just too cute. As is DH.

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shillelagh said...

I tried Intarsia in the round and it made me CRAZY. Mine didn't look nearly as nice as your grandson's sweater!

Next time I see you you'll have to give me the secret!