Friday, October 17, 2008

To be or not to be?

Ten skeins of Shelridge Farm worsted. Unbelievably soft. What should it be?

My first thought was a wrap cardigan from Vogue. I love the soft, reversible cable edge. I spent time swatching and revising the pattern to knit it strip by strip to ensure a perfect fit, but ------

Lots of pictures of this type of pattern are showing up in the knitting world and the bottom edge drapes dramatically. Drama rarely flatters big hips. Pendulous draping is only for tall people. (Us shorties worry about stepping on the hems and falling on our noses.)

In my never ending quest to look tall and slim, I’ve decided to forego this pattern. At least for the moment.

So now what?

Yes, I have scoured all 165 pages of cardigans on Ravelry.

This wool is so soft that the project must be cuddly. The solid color of the yarn needs textured stitches or----BOREDOM.

So, I’m thinking gansey. Arans make me look like a fire hydrant (Am I confusing cause and effect?) so lots of cables are not really acceptable.

I have a cotton fleece gansey pullover that is as cuddly as a blankie. It’s my favorite comfort garment for when I don’t feel well. This is beginning to seem like a good idea.

Designing a gansey is fun and easy. I’ve devoured the wisdom of Beth Brown-Reinsel in her book Knitted Ganseys (on my top ten list). I’ve even taught a class on ganseys a time or two. There are still some tricks I want to explore, especially a saddle sleeve version.

But I don’t know.

This is special souvenir yarn and I don’t want to blow it. I could incorporate another color to give it punch and do some intarsia thing.

I don’t know. Help.


beth02116 said...

I love that yarn- why didnt i buy any??
I think you would look great in either of these cardis-
ASSEMBLAGE by Norah Gaughan(i made and love)
TUSSIE MUSSIE from knitty- i have been thinking about this one for awhle and looks cute on most everyone on Rav.
take care-b

turtlegirl76 said...

This pattern:

I has it. You can borrow it.

Dani said...

I have not stopped thinking about that purple yarn. Want!!!

Whatever it grows up to be will be comforting and amazing - much like someone I know :)