Thursday, October 23, 2008

Works in Progress

The Mitered Something progresses. I sort of see these as the front panels of a vest or jacket. I have several sketches, but I don't really have to commit yet. The jewel tone colors are drop dead gorgeous--a mix of Fleece Artist, Cherry Tree Hill, and oddball leftovers.
In November, I teach a class on Lace Sampler scarves and this is my prototype. I like knitting a pattern for 5 or 6 inches and then changing. Appeals to my short attention span. Patterns come from Barbara Walker's books, magazines, and sites online. I'll put together a complete list when the scarf if finished and blocked.
The mittens Beth sent me are moving along a few rows at a time. Note the dropped stitch held by the marker. In this dark wool, it can't be seen, so I will tack it to the back with yarn after I finish. I really like the Jamieson Wool. This is my first project with it.

Also knitting some family gifts which will remain secret. One of my girls actually reads my blog occasionally.

The stitches are out of my knee and I walk pretty well. Still some healing to do. Again a big thank you to all of you who nursed me through this.

SAFF is this weekend and half of Charlotte will be there. I'm staying home and allowing others to buy all that beautiful yarn. Makes me feel noble.

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lamurray said...

"Believe me, noble lord,
I am a stranger here in Gloucestershire:
These high wild bills and rough uneven ways
Draw out our miles and make them wearisome;
But yet your fair discourse hath been as sugar,
Making the hard way sweet and delectable.......
Shall make their way seem short, as mine hath done
By sight of what I have, your noble company." -B. Shakespeare

I definitely want to do the mitered pattern on the clogs...where can I swipe your pattern?