Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Defeated and Moving On

First it is about Hillary. Her speech last night was magnificent. But when she said, "Did you do this just for me?" I got it. It's over, no miracles and I have to think of the future. That means I vote for Obama. I'm not happy about it; I don't trust his hype, and his wife still scares me. There is nothing but ice in those eyes. Okay, over. Done. Sort of.

Another over and doneseems to be the Posy sweater I was knitting from a Rowan pattern. I did it all like I'm supposed to--gauge, math, schematic, etc., and it still will be a terrible fit. I didn't frog it. I am committing it to the knitting sanitorium for rest while I think about how I would have to cut and re-graft it to make it fit---and do I want to bother. How much did I knit? All but three inches on the front. When did I first suspect this was not going to work. Three quarters of the way through the back side. Yes, way long ago.

I tell students to listen to that first nagging doubt and I didn't.

I'm going to wallow in self-pity this afternoon and then cast on something fast to knit.


Anonymous said...

since there seems to be a credit missing here, it needs to be said that this photo is of Nordicfibregirl's posy. she did an extremely good job on it - more pictures of her sweater can be seen on ravelry and flickr.


Jane Prater said...

Emma is exactly right. I did "borrow" a pic of Nordicfibregirl's Posy just to show on the blog. I planned to credit and just forgot. It is beautifully knitted and looks great on her. Please accept apologies.