Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back from Canada

Canadian side
US side with Maid of the Mist

We are back from a great trip to Canada with Vogue Knitting Magazine and Traveling Together who organized the trip. Wonderful job! Lots to see and some pampering. I would certainly travel with this group again.

I know you want to know what I bought, but you will just have to wait. I took a few pics and they are going on the blog.

We arrived Friday noon and checked in at the Fairmont Royal York, where the Queen stays in Canada. The Toronto film festival was in full bloom.

Steve rented a car and we headed straight to Niagara Falls. I'd never been and it seemed a shame to be so close and not see it. A--M--A--Z--I--N--G!

The color of the water coming over the falls--a light true green. Some kind of ubiquitous dark maple tree, aubergine best describes it. Charcoal boulders and taupe water. Is that a colorway or what?

Back to the Royal York and the movie stars. I saw Renee Zellwinger--very tiny person surrounded with sycophants. Others spotted Viggo Mortenson and Ed Harris. The amount of security surrounding them was impressive. Lots of guys with earpieces and sunglasses in dark suits. Big guys.

The hotel is plush. Our simple room retailed at $450 a night. I'm sure we didn't pay that. Instead of being impressed, I was somewhat annoyed. The atmosphere was so formal that we never found a way to sit and hang out and knit with each other. That is such a big part of these trips for me. I also was not amused at how they nickeled and dimed you to death. No snack or drinks machines; instead a mini-bar with prices that were obscene. The TV sucked and email and internet were only available at a price.

I guess I'm just not a "couture hotel" person. I was much happier at the Best Western in Owen Sound. We took over the bar and the patio to drink and knit; had drink machines that worked, free computer with internet, and handrails in the tub for those of us with bad knees. Steve always knew I was fairly low maintenance.

I do need to say that the people of Canada are terrific. Friendly, helpful, and great sense of humor. We will go back.

Tomorrow is the first day of the tour and it begins with a quick museum bit and then the Downtown Knit Collective's entertainment for us.


shillelagh said...

Dear Jane
As a Canadian, I have to tell you that you have your labels on the U.S. and Canadian Falls reversed. The U.S. Falls have the rocks at the bottom and the Canadian Falls have the islands at the top.

Sent with love

Jane Prater said...

Okay,okay--I'm still overwhelmed by the beauty and power of them. I love your country and plan to return. Canadians rock!