Friday, September 19, 2008

Fiber ART makes me smile

The Textile Museum of Canada is located in Toronto. The museum is small and (this won't surprise you) managed by a passionate group of people many of whom are knitters. Nora and I were leg weary when we arrived, so decided to go to the gift shop (only broken legs keep me out of museum gift shops) and wait for the others.

Thank goodness one of the DKC knitters was volunteering that day. She insisted we go down the corridor and see just one exhibit involving knitting. Here are the clue pictures:

The complete pieces in the exhibit follow:

Well, of course, I lost it. The bobble suit alone had me laughing tears. And just think--Halloween isn't far off. Does this suggest a knit-a-long?

But it isn't over. The room next to this wasn't much knitting, but it was fiber---fake fur, and lots of it. Here's a clue picture:

From the bottom . . .

From below . . . .
From the side . . .
The Full Monty with our DKC volunteer (lt) and Barbara, our tour guide who owns Traveling Together who stood near for scale.

Next time you hear, "One big mother" you'll know what it means.

The only funnier part of this day was watching some of our more staid group members enter this room. :)


beth02116 said...

hi!!! that makes me laugh! now i'm sorry i skipped that outing. watch your mailbox! xoxo-beth

turtlegirl76 said...

Oh my God. The cabled suit alone was priceless. Bring out the gimp!