Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Breaking the silence.

Iliane wrote about not having people over because the house isn't clean enough or she has nothing to serve---a page from my own life. I've been knitting like crazy, but haven't mentioned any of it because I haven't taken decent photos of them.

The Brithday (SIC) socks for DD#1 are finished except for the wash and block.

The Noro Matsuri experimental shawl-shaping project is complete. Pics later but highly recommend the yarn. It feels so good.

Have started a new experimental shawl using Kureyon Sock yarn and my favorite horseshoe lace pattern.

Mission Falls tank 75%.

Tried to sign up for the Rowan club. Sandy talked me into it. Website is bummed. Will try again later.

Bought two Namaste bags. Be the last on your block . . . .

photos and more stuff soon.

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turtlegirl76 said...

2 namaste bags? What was the other one? Or are these 2 different ones?

Hope you can make it tomorrow.