Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Joy of Teaching and other things

This is Jean. Check out that smile. This is Jean seaming her first mattress stitch seam.
Jean grinned for the remainder of the class and swore she was headed home to take apart everything she had seamed to date. Jean was so-o-o-o happy. So was I. This is why I teach.
Debra and Sherry also had fun. I warned Debra she would be posted on the blog. Here you are, girl.

I taught the mitered class which used my Diamond Patch Hat pattern. Kate went right home and made this one for a new member of the family--well, a toddler. She will look stupendous. The tiny, fringy things were Kate's idea. She wanted to show off the star shape that begins this pattern. I just love the colors.
Flipper turns three. The most important thing for the boys was getting their birthday hats on. Who knew? My girls ripped them off even before the pictures.

This is the Eddie the Elephant (some TV character) cake sculpted by G-dad.


Debra said...

great class, really neat cake!


Tvini said...

That's an awesome Eddie cake! My daughter would have loved it!

By the way, you'll be pleased to know that Maisy, the main character in the series Eddie is from, isn't just a TV show, it's also a series of books by Lucy Cousins. Read, kids! Read like the wind!

Jane Prater said...

Bought Evan a Maisy book yesterday. Thanks for the heads up.