Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cool New Site (at least to me)

Have you heard of The Fitter Knitter?
How about the Yahoo group The Art of Knitting?

Both are the work of Cindy Moore. I discovered these sites while reading her article
on Vintage lace in this new issue of The Inside Loop. This is a free online magazine celebrating knitting in the UK.

Cindy has taken on a great project. She loves charts; what lace knitter doesn't. Her project is to take a vintage knitting book which is no longer covered by copyright and to translate the lace patterns into charts which she posts on her blog. She uses the Yahoo group to notify members when a new chart goes up and to answer questions.

The title of the book is The Art of Knitting 1897. You can buy a copy here
or just get a peek at the illustrations. There are several I can see using as garments for today.

I've joined the group and have already downloaded the charts to date. I'm an inch away from swatching Fancy Pattern17 and Knob Stitch 10. Go to Cindy's blog and check these out.

I just think this is such a neat project. Wish I had one for me. ( . . . like I need a hole in my head.)


Cindy said...

Thanks for the plug! Love your blog. Cindy aka: fitterknitter

Cindy said...

Just noticed you live in Charlotte. I grew up in Cheraw, SC? If you ever go to the beach, you've been through Cheraw!!!!