Thursday, February 07, 2008

Slice and Dice

This is an older project designed by Jane Slicer-something. Her swingcoats are also wonderful, bright, sometimes downright loud. You need a big personality to wear some of them. Anyway, I pulled this out of the cedar chest and brought it to my newly created dressing room. It is made out of a great merino yarn that reminds me of Aurora8. No, I don't remember the brand. I bought this as a kit at the TKGA National Convention a few years ago. (When you travel with Pat Moore, be prepared to spend.)
I shortened the back by leaving out the bottom two rows of mitered squares which made the back pointed like a triangular shawl. I didn't put the buttonholes and buttons that the pattern calls for. It is double breasted and I like to fasten it with a short knittng needle, if at all. I put it on to wear out and. . . .
This is what I discovered.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't have any more of the yarn, and this involves 4-5 rows of corrugated ribbing. Guess I have a challenge. Any words of wisdom will be appreciated.
I think it comes to BAM Weds. night for group therapy.

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turtlegirl76 said...

I'm not quite sure where it is that the problem is at, but we'll figure out a fix for it.