Thursday, February 07, 2008

It's Love----True Love!!

It's Malabrigo!
I don't wear wool. I don't wear worsted weight garments. Jet has lost her mind knitting a Clapotis out of that heavy wool. All words that I am now eating.
I finally succumbed to the lure of softness. I'd been looking at this yarn for years, but always had an excuse not to buy it. I thought of it as garment yarn and too hot for North Carolina. I never saw the sense in felting with it--what a waste of good yarn. Jet knocked me for a loop when I saw her finished Clapotis. It was gorgeous and you could feel the softness across the room. I just gave my second Clapotis to a friend for her birthday----well, it was just obvious that I was supposed to knit the third one (and the one I am going to keep for me) out of the Curacao colorway (I'm not a subtle person.)
I did the requisite Ravelry search and finally spoke to Jet about size. She knit hers exactly as written used 4 skeins. It was a go. It looks beautiful. I'll share a full pic when it is finished and blocked. Did I mention how much I love this yarn?

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. That's how I felt today when I was working on my Top Down Central Park Hoodie. I just discovered that I started the front cables at a different row. They are only a little off and I may just create a distracting front band to hide it. NO, I'm not showing you a picture. I'm hiding this goof as long as I can. I'll never fool turtlegirl76
but she cuts me slack for senility.

I cast on a new project--as if I needed it--using Louet Euroflax from my stash. I'm making the another KAL lace shawl (No, I still haven't blocked Swan Lake) designed by Monica Eckert. The shape is wonderful; not quite a circle, but close enough to stay on your shoulders. I can't post a picture yet because the pattern won't be released for about 6 weeks. I'm using worsted weight linen even though the pattern calls for lace weight. I'll probably just stop when it is the length I want and add a border. My main interest is in the shaping, but it looks very nice in the photos from people who are up to date on the clues.

Thanks to all of you who have rushed to sign up for my classes. Only one more opening in the Fair Isle class. I did take the sign up sheets to the shop Friday, so you should have no trouble with sign ups.


turtlegirl76 said...

Aw no one will notice. I bet you'd be hard pressed to see the difference front to back. No worries.

Jane - I'm experiencing a fit of cast-onitis. I don't know what's come over me. I think I am simply avoiding finishing mom's socks. And you know what? The woman can't backpedal fast enough. I got a "Thank you in advance" card this week from her. And she said she "cherishes my talents". I'm not thumbing a ride on that guilt trip though. Today I shall start a pair of clogs and perhaps the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole. But I did finish the ribwarmber! I just need to do the edging.

oneofestelles said...


I'm struggling to cable and do armholes decreases at the same time. I have one glaring mistake to me that I'm ignoring. I think my hoodie needs to become a stay at home project and I need something simple to carry around.

Jeanette said...

I'm a little slow to catch up because I've been out of town on business, but it's nice to know that I've been such an inspiration to you. :-) I *love* the "clapotis grande de malabrigo" in that colorway. I wonder if between us, we'll start a trend.