Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Error--wrong URL

On Thursday, Feb. 7, I posted a comment with a link to a photo of a mohair balaclava. WRONG! I inadvertently linked to a lovely Noro shawl knit by Ray Whiting. I had saved Ray's link to use to talk about a clever use of a yarn's dye pattern. I'm so glad Ray contacted me and allowerd me the opportunity to clear this matter up. From now on I will check my URLs.

The sarcastic dig about the mohair balaclava was meant to reference this link. Well, it was another picture by the same person. On ebay this knitter goes by mohairknitter and offers for sale catsuits for humans made of mohair. When I went there today, there were no items for sale. I did find this website.

Take a look at the sites, enjoy, and knit on.

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