Thursday, February 07, 2008

Freeform /Scrumbling

This is my Dare to Be Red bag made from red yarns I've collected over the years. I took it up to Charlotte Yarn today and Remi drooled over it. I hope she will sit in on the class.
This is a perfect long term project for a young mom. You knit in little bits and keep them all in a bag until you have a bunch. Notice all the clearly defined amounts in that sentence. Then you sew them together or onto something else.
Some things look great in three dimensions.
Others can be a nondescript shape
Bits shaped like a leaf are always perfect in my mind.

I posted this on Ravelry last week and got a comment from Prudence Mapstone who has revived this art. Google her and look at all the wonderfully bizarre things she and her students have made.

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