Friday, May 01, 2009

New Purchases

The last Stitches post, I promise. I thought you'd be interested in what I bought. The above is something from Universal Yarns. When I made my first trip through the market, Jean was busily working on the computer and phone. Hal was sitting peacefully knitting on a really funky scarf. I couldn't resist and the pattern is free on the Universal website. The "cocoons' of cotton really look like silk cocoons. You only knit the small string between. Takes two balls. I think Jean designed this pattern.

Can you spinners guess who dyed this?

Yep, it's Gale's Art. It is luminous. I just hope I can do it justice on the wheel.

I bought Habu because I don't have a clue when I'll be near some again in the future. The darker purple is silk with a rustic texture. The lighter is the silk and stainless steel stuff. They may work together or I may do something separate. Don't know.
This was my totally out of control buy. These plus a bag of Louet Euroflax solid in a violet will be a skirt. I saw the Sasha pattern made up and fell in love. I bought this from Yarn Paradise from Asheville, NC. Jan and Lisa were working there. Jan loves my Curvaceous pattern. Nuf said, I was suckered in.
The colors and a bit more intense than this. Too much light in my photo. I have no intention of doing the pattern as written. Horizontal ruffles on my BgBt. I don't think so. I've been drawing and I think I can put the ruffles at an angle and get a better effect. I'd better. This skirt will cost a fortune.
Yes, the yarn is Claudia Hand Paint.
Speaking of great dyers. I bought sock yarn from Ellen of Ellen's Half Pint yarn. I think I mentioned it earlier, but here's a picture.

This was my book buy. I want to knit an amulet necklace. I don't care that the fad has passed; I'm still here. There is a sweet bracelet in here that I might try too.

That's it. Lots of projects, more than I have time for. Nothing new there.


turtlegirl76 said...

Looks like you got quite a nice selection of stuff! So when you gonna start the skirt?

Rocky Moreno said...

Claudia yarn is very nice, love the colors.