Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Yesterday the ATT guy showed up to connect the new TV service. Imagine my surprise to find out we were also getting the new internet service as well. Wasn't ready for that. Actually, I supposedly have both at the moment. I can receive email, but not send it. So much for notifying the multitude who have my email address that it might change.

My computer skills are just good enough to mess things up even more and fix nothing. I can feel my blood pressure rising even as I sit here.

Knitting related--Riverbed sock number 3 is dead. Sorry, Cristi. It didn't fit and I wasn't having any fun. I frogged it and cast on a top down sock. I designed a simple cuff of K6, (yo, k2tog)3X over 60 stitches. Even number rounds are straight knit. Row 3 is K6, (k2tog, yo)3x. So why am I telling you? To explain my ah--ha!

I was knitting during DD#1's chamber singers concert and was having trouble remembering which row I was on. Finally, I did what I tell my students. I really looked at the knitting. Then I realized that when alternating yo, k2tog and k2tog, yo, all you must remember is to place the yarnover one stitch away from the old yarnover. Pictures would make this much clearer, but I have no camera at the moment.

I am enjoying my new sock.

The linen skirt is coming along. I hope the extra yarn will arrive early this week. The two tone shell will be finished soon and I will need to focus on a special project for the Greek trip coming up.

I've destashed two garbage bags of yarn. More to do.

Now to try to fix this darn email.

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turtlegirl76 said...

You and I need to sit down and work out your Riverbed issues. It's fun once you make the first one that fits. I promise.