Saturday, May 09, 2009

Athens Art show

$30 for this really cool ring. It's some kind of glass in a sterling setting. Heavy and big and in your face. I just love it. Of course it goes with every thing I own.
This is a shibori scarf in great shades of blue. Honestly I don't (didn't) own a blue scarf.
Erica and I played in the booth and tried several on. Then she reminded me that Mother's Day was not far off. Hence, the gift was chosen. She even picked out one for her Grandmother.
Susan Ellis designed and dyed the scarf. Here's here info. Check out her etsy site.

Last look. Color is best in second pic. Loved the wrinkles. They match my cotton and linen clothes.
I have such great children.
Tomorrow, some real art from this site of the art show.

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