Saturday, July 21, 2007

Stash Sale at Charlotte Yarn

What a glorious day! Remi Haywood, owner of Charlotte Yarn, sponsored a stash sale for her customers. She provided tents, tables, coffee and bagels and watched us have fun. We met new knitters, saw old friends, and sold, bartered, gave away yarn. I made a bundle. Steve reminded me that I had paid more for the yarn than I sold it for, but I think having money in hand to buy new yarn instead of having yarn I don't re-e-e-ally want so much sitting in the attic is a fair trade.

Anyway, we set up about 8:30. Well, Remi's husband William did most of the work. He's a fantastic guy, but his mother is so great it isn't a surprise. Phyllis taught in CMS longer than I did. Now she drives an orange Hummer. That must mean something.

My table was embarrassingly full. And I only brought yarn that I had 5 or more skeins of. I hope we do this again and I'll bring the scarf stuff. Some came back home and some went to charity.

Lots of folks showed up to sell AND buy. Cristi Brockway was selling and May Shue was buying. May even brought a copy of her To Be Knitted database with yarns and amounts. We said, "Geek!" And we wished we were that organized.

More people came and William organized a team to set up the tents. I think we had four in all. It was bring your own chair and lots of knitting was done in our makeshift shade.

The Charlotte Knitting Guild was well represented by Vice-President Rachel Eldridge and member Dinah Barrett. Dinah kept my table straight and I know helped sell some yarn.

Charlotte Yarn staff was well represented by Natalie seen talking to Dinah.

Cristi and Amy laughed a lot, even though Amy bought the hot pink Sierra out from under Cristi. She told us about her exploits knitting from Stephani Japel's Fitted Knits. Made me want to knit another Simple Bodice.

DH picked me up at 1 and we went to Bricks for lunch; ran into Harriet and Michael there. Sweet Alabama Harriet gave me a skein of Koigu.

Came home to find Harry Potter waiting. Am on Chapter 8. Plan to finish it tomorrow and not to watch live TV or look anywhere at the net until I do.

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