Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Sock Pattern--Chicken Feet

I have FINALLY posted a new sock pattern for you. This is called Chicken Feet. It is similar to Bird Walking, but I changed the pattern some and used a contrasting color. This is easy colorwork. You only use one yarn at a time and you don't have to cut them. Try a swatch of the cuff pattern if you have doubt. I think this is my best sock ever; I just wish my photos did it justice.

Look at the pattern on the heel. Here you do carry both yarns at the same time, but there are no floats to worry about. Actually the use of two yarns strengthens the heel.

Please enjoy! And let me know how you like it. Use the entire pattern or just a part. I guarantee your handpaint yarns will look good in this pattern. No pooling.

Now my DH can finally wear his new socks. He has become quite a dude. A few more pair and we might even see bright colors. Warning! Wool socks are addictive. Wear them once, wear them forever.

Now to stop knitting and paint the doggone living room. Ugh!

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Mary Pat said...

Hi Jane,

Love the Chicken Feet Socks; however, I think I am missing something when I read the pattern. I don't find where you use the contrasting color in the cuff.