Thursday, July 12, 2007

Knitting Camp Day 1--yarn

Today I begin camp. Yesterday was a flight to Denver and an adventurous drive to Fort Collins in Edie’s big truck which pulled her traveling yarn shop. Five of us laughed and made fun of Edie’s Tom-Tom guidance system.

Every few minutes this low sexy woman’s voice would pipe in “Stay to the left.” Now I know why men like this device. I’m waiting for one in a male voice with a French accent.

Candace arrived sans suitcase. She was stranded in Chicago overnight, slept in the airport, and now has only one suitcase. The missing one holds all her fair isle samples and the yarn and handouts for class. We will soldier on this morning anyway and I know it will be successful.

I met Peggy Wells last night. Peggy is the daughter of the Brown in Brown Sheep. She and her husband now run the business. She’s very friendly and we share a serious interest in cotton yarns. We plan to sit down and talk a bit about better ways to market the yarns other than Lamb’s Pride. Of course, I have opinions!

The Residence Inn is quite nice and I love the setup for a workshop weekend affair. I share a suite with Gay, our camp director. We each have a bedroom and bath; the living room, dining area and kitchen divide the bedrooms. We have 3—yes, three—TVs. There is a lovely pond outside my window.

I do have the Versus channel, so I can watch the Tour de France. Also have lots of access to New Belgium Brewery’s Fat Tire ale. Don’t know how that will impact the knitting.

We had a brief discussion of color this morning and then went to lunch at the restaurant attached to Lambspun. This is the yarn shop fictionalized in Maggie Setton’s mystery series. They do weaving and spinning also. I wasn’t very impressed with the yarns, but bought a silk cap and some soy silk to spin. Also got a hook for my wheel; this one has an eyelet on it so I can chain it on and maybe keep it a while.

Bought some gifts (not pictured) and some sock yarn (doesn’t count). Also bought some new yarn Brown Sheep is just releasing to play with and some Prairie Silk.

Off to beer and burgers and then to watch the tape of the Tour.

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turtlegirl76 said...

I'm so jealous! Will you pack me in your suitcase next year? You look like you're having a blast. I can't wait to hear all about it when you return.