Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Shopping at Crate & Barrel


So May 5 I drag Steve to Crate & Barrel to buy a sofa and a chair. See pics here I loved the sofa; the chair was okay. But I bought both. The sofa was a stock item and could be here in 2 weeks. The chair was custom; 6-8 weeks. The clerk thought he could get them to bring the sofa and later the chair for just one delivery charge. I mean—I was paying a bunch for these two pieces. His manager said no. So I said I’ll wait for the chair.

July 2--10 weeks later—Ten weeks of a topsy turvy house working on my last nerve, I call to ask the status of my order. The lovely girl who answered put me on hold and returned to say, “I’ll have D call you.” I should have known then.

No need, says I. I just want to know where in the process we are. L. says ----long story short----In June—15th AND 22nd they received notice the fabric was back ordered until Aug. 1. The fabric I had been having second thoughts about a week after I bought it. But it was custom, so you couldn’t cancel after they started it. No one alerted me of the delay. No one let me know that I had a chance to change my mind. I told L. to have D. call.

He did. He was so nice. I said cancel the chair. He said he would have to ask his manager---the one who denied the delivery deal. I said that if his manager said No he should have the names and numbers of the three people above her when he called. I didn’t want to waste his time and I would be calling them.

The manager called. Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. ( A Southern saying that I understand, but have no idea how it means that.) I had such lovely taste. The chair was going to be dynamite with the sofa. I should keep the chair and just to make the delay up to me, she would comp the delivery fee. That nasty delivery fee that she had gouged me with in May.

”I’d just like to cancel the chair.”

Well, they had not called me because the delay was within the 9-10 week window they had first quoted me. August 1 (a date she didn’t know I knew) was not within the window. And the window was 6-8 weeks.

“Just deliver my sofa and cancel the chair.”

Well, the chair may be ready any day. In fact, the chair may arrive before the sofa. (Sofa should have been in local warehouse since May 20th when it could have been delivered for an extra $65 delivery charge.)

“Do you know for certain the chair is in production? Best find out. I want to cancel and just receive the sofa.”

Well, you’ll have to pay a restocking fee.

She is supposed to call me back. I didn’t ask about why I had to pay a restocking fee for something that had never existed. I knew I would get really ugly then. When we Southern Bell/Steel Magnolias get ugly, well-----you just don’t want to know.

I really wanted that sofa, but I’m not so sure anymore. Someone tell me again how wonderful Crate & Barrel is.

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Shelley said...

Two Words: Sofa's Express :) Rumor says it's the same manufacturer, better price.
Good Luck!