Monday, September 04, 2006

Knitting in Public

So when was the last time you knit in public? How many people did you attract?

My favorite place to knit in public is hotel bars, preferably while watching some sporting event such as soccer or beach volleyball. Of course a large beer (brown ale) is required. Just sip it or you'll be ripping stitches all night. No one expects you to be knittng in a bar, so people react. They ask about your project or, my favorite, they tell you a knitting story from their life. I think that is a bit of a gift. Usually it is a young man that comes over to ask. Women just smile at me unless they, too, are knitters and then all bets are off.

I wonder if the 20-something generation discovered this aspect of knitting--the attract a cute guy or at least give him an opening to talk to you aspect. Walking a dog used to be the thing. My daughter enjoyed us visiting her at college with the dog. She walked him and talked to all kinds of cute guys. Perhaps some of the fellowship we enjoy from knitting doesn't even involve other knitters. Probably not.

But anyway, pick up your knitting and go someplace unexpected to knit. The MS Bike Ride to the Beach is coming up and my husband will ride it. I will tag along as a support person which means I drive him from the finish each day to the motel. I plan to take my knitting and a lawn chair and set up near the finish line. I'll meet some interesting folks and some of them will tell me their knitting stories. A day well spent, I think.

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