Wednesday, September 13, 2006

See Jane's House Fall Down

This is my home. Built in 1941 and with all the lovely problems that can bring. Inside it is a cluttered nightmare. I've got yarn in every room somewhere. I've got a bit of everything in every room. I keep trying to de-clutter and all I do is move stuff around and never get anything consolidated. Also I never get happy with the layout.

Enter Meghan's father-in-law. Lee is a contractor in Wisconsin and was visiting. Helpful man said he'd come look the place over as we get ready to talk about remodeling for the 900th time. Lee comes. Lee says cheaper to level it and rebuild. Jane and Steve smile.

Everytime we leave with the dog, Steve prays for fire.

This seems the right decision.

Creative juices will go into this project for a long while, so I bought another person's pattern to occupy my mind. It is the Eris pattern from The Girl From Auntie. I have been wanting a zippered sweater so this is perfect. It is a downloadable pattern -- all 40 pages. Ran out of ink at page 12, but am impressed already by her discussion of the pattern in the intro pages. So much info to set you up to knit it easily. It begins by knitting the cabled collar and then picking up stitches and knitting down. My favorite way to knit. Now to find the right yarn in my stash. Please--I want to use something I've already got. Lessens the amount to store,

Still knitting socks and chasing the perfect heel. Have started a new pair using a honeycomb pattern. Pics soon.


turtlegirl76 said...

Ooh! Honeycomb! Can't wait to see it.

I love that sweater.

Sharon in Surrey said...

Loved that Sweater!! Good choice. I can't wait to see how the house turns out - I have one built right after the war in 46. Same problems, wanted it to burn too but was afraid to lose all the fibre & books which held the house up. Spent one summer without the whole back on the house(kitchen & bedroom) while we got rid of dryrot. Slept in a bedroom that was part of the yard . . thank gawd for thick bushes. Only the dogs enjoyed it . . .

Sharon in Surrey said...

By the way, once you get past the crazy way she organizes her book, Queen Kahuna's heel is a good one. I work from cuff on down & galpal works toe up & we both use the Queen's heel. No stiches to pickup, you work gusset increases as YO & short row to finish. Don't go blind anymore trying to pick up stitches in low light . . . . Will admit it took me three pairs of socks before I could do it without having the book in front of my face but now I can do them in my sleep!!!!

Jane Prater said...

Great laugh to start my morning. I have toyed with ordering the Queen's book. You may have talked me into it. Thanks.

Ellen said...

Looking forward to hearding more about the house....and the stash within. Judging by the hillside, you probably don't have standing water in the basement....a plus.