Saturday, September 09, 2006

Free Pattern for Holiday Decoration

Top Down Miniature Raglan Cardigan

I designed this to help teach a top down class for students who don’t yet use dpns well. It makes a cute tree ornament, present topper, or may even fit Barbie. I'm going to use novelty leftovers to make some for my holiday tree. DGSs won't be able to break these

Materials: I used Worsted Weight Wool, US size 6 circular needle.
CO 16 sts. Purl a row to place the markers thusly: P3, pm, P2, pm, P6, pm, P2, pm, P3.

Next row (Inc row): *Knit to marker, inc, slip m, K1, inc; repeat from * 3 more times; then Knit to the end of the row.
Following row: P 1 row.

Repeat the previous two rows 4 more times. You should have the following number of sts on your needles: 7,10,14,10,7 = 48 sts
Set up to knit the body and place the sleeve sts on holders.

Knit 7 front sts, sl m, place 10 sleeve sts on a holder, remove marker, knit the 14 back stitches, remove marker, place 10 sleeve sts on holder, sl m, knit the 7 front sts. Purl the next row. (Ignore the sts on markers.)

Continue in stockinette st or a pattern st of your choice until the sweater is the desired length. ( I knit 8 rows.) Knit 4 rows of garter st and bind off. Use a smaller needle for the garter stitch if you have one.

SLEEVES: With RS facing, use the circular needle to pick up one st from the underarm, knit all sleeve sts from the holder onto the needle, pick up one st from the underarm . Picked up stitches are at the beginning and end of the row. (12 sts)
Purl the next row which is a WS row. Continue in pattern or st st for 6 more rows.

Row 7: K1, dec 1, K to the end. Continue in pattern for 3 more rows.
Row 11: Work in your chosen pattern until only 3 sts are left on the needle, dec 1, K last st.
Work 2 more rows in pattern (or in garter st) and cast off.

Repeat these instructions for the other sleeve.


Sew the underarm seam.

With RS facing, pick up stitches along the edge of the right front and knit 2 rows; bind off. I picked up 15.)
Pick up stitches along the edge of the left front and knit 2 rows; bind off.
Pick up sts along the neck edge and bind off.
Close the fronts with a pin or ribbon.
Make a hangar out of wire and place on your tree.

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