Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merisoft by Punta

Sandy discovered this yarn and Remi ordered it and I bought it. It is wonderful. I am making another version of my new hat pattern which will come out after Christmas. The colors are marvelous. Some are subdued blends and others very intense as is the blue I chose.

I generally don't like a single twist yarn. But this one is different. The yarn is twisted enough that it won't pill like crazy or develop weak spots. It is quite firm, yet very, very soft. The firmness will allow the yarn to show stitch patterns. I haven't cabled with it, but I'll bet it's great for that.

It has a nice price point for such a luxurious feel. Only $15.00 for 197 yards. That's a lot of yardage. It's a worsted weight, so I knitted it on an 8US for my first swatching. Lovely and wearable.

I'm discovering a real affection for worsted weight yarn after years of tiny yarn obsession. This and the Selridge Farm Soft Wool have made me a believer. And guess what? It knits up a lot faster than fingering weight. Duh!

Check your local yarn shop and prepare to fall in love with Merisoft.

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turtlegirl76 said...

I got my hank! The deep rusty orange color. It's going to be another Bounce hat!