Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I have resisted joining Facebook or any of its clones. I already waste too much knitting time on Ravelry and have trouble keeping up with the blogs I truly want to read. But Tvini sucked me in. She sent me a post from a former student from Smith Junior High--we are talking many years ago--naming me her favorite English teacher ever. This student has a degree in English, so I'm facing tough competition for this honor.

Well, after dribbling all over myself at the post, I registered and now I just sit around grinning stupidly. I have located so many great kids who have grown into great adults. You think you really know who they will be; at 16, the possibilities are obvious. Finding out who they are now is exhilarating. So many East Meck kids whom I loved and who taught me so much. A few from Northwest who were very special to me. And the nutty crowd from the early days of my career at Smith.

Yesterday reminded me that it was worth it. Even the bad years at the end. I wish everyone could have the joy of knowing that you touch the future. We all do, but teachers get to know it every day.

I'm grateful that I still get to teach. My knitting classes bring me such joy. Even when I'm designing or writing a pattern, I still approach it as if it is a lesson I'm planning. Even advertising my classes, I think in terms of what will you learn.

I never wanted to become a teacher. Took the college courses to get certified because my mother nagged. (What if you need to work and raise children at the same time.) I quit as soon as I had my first child and was tricked into going back after my second started school. Three months later, I was devastated to think I might not be able to teach after my temporary assignment ended.

I didn't choose to teach; Someone else chose me.

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debra said...

I'm glad you have had that experience! You certainly deserve it!