Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fun sites and pattern news

Garnstudio sent out an email asking for votes for which patterns should be available first in their summer/spring selection. I did vote. I based my vote on techniques I wanted to see--a how did they do that kind of thing.
I chose this because it appeals to my ADD knitting style. I like to mix colors, styles, etc. I also prefer color blocking to hand dyes for my garments.

This is very neat. I have a ss pullover that appears to be knit this way. I think it will really catch the eye. This could even be a stash buster project.

I don't like this yarn, but I do like this shape. I think it will emphasize a curvy figure whether you have one or not. I also want to see how they stabilize this to prevent bias stretching---If they do that. So many diagonal knits don't.

I also liked these. I love mitered squares and think these would be easy to figure out just from the photo. I've seen versions of this lots of places, but these were just cute enough to ring my bell.

If you are unfamiliar with Garnstudio, go to their website. Thousands of free patterns, all with schematics and well written.

Sing up for their Christmas calendar and get a new holiday pattern each day in the month of December. It's not too late. Lots of cute stuff.

No one is getting a knitted Christmas present this year. I'm so wrapped up in writing patterns or figuring out new designs that all my time has been spent there. No complaint. It's been fun. I even like knitting swatches. I'd better. A lot of them tell me to NOT use this stitch for this purpose. I am learning a lot, but I have not got much to physically show for my efforts. Don't care. Having fun.

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