Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shawl class at Camp; Show and Tell

Candace Eisner Strick does not stand on ceremony--at least not at camp. She is writing a new book and it will be about shawls and shawl shaping. Our class was based on some of what she will share in her book which she will self-publish. I'll let you know when it's out because it will be a must-have. I'm hoping we can bring Candace to Charlotte to teach. She's a blast and very smart.
The New Carolyn and Laura are two of our new campers. Paula Sue makes certain they feel welcome. Both plan to come back, so it must have worked.
The well-traveled Linda works with Aisha and her mom, Susan. Linda has been everywhere; I'll share some of her Latvian souvenirs later. It's exciting every year at camp to hear about her travels in the past year and she gorgeous pictures and knitwear.

Paula Sue sent me this pic from the bus trip. Can you say intense??

One of the best parts of camp is the show and tell. Usually we show things we have made in the past year. Agnes showed a gift from a friend who teases her about her obsession with pink (Aimee?). It's a lovely pink wig.
Jay and his mom won the Palm d'Or this year. This is Jay's shawl--2ply mohair lace wt. spun by Jay and his design of a hugely gorgeous shawl.
Can you see Edie on the right? Taking pictures is also a bit part of class.

Jay's mom Betty made us swoon. She has taken on the challenge of afghan's for each of Jay's four children. This is for his daughter and it is the Great American Aran Afghan from XRX. Second row from the top, second from left is Jay's own design which was chosen by Knitter's for this pattern. This made me want to dig back through my mags to find some of these patterns and maybe make some pillows, or even an Aran shawl.

Next: Latvian designs and muffalettas.

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