Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Colorado Knitting Camp Day 1

The bus trip to Brown Sheep in Nebraska.

Our friend and instructor, Candace Eisner-Strick (rt) talks with Laura, whose book comes out soon, while Ken Strick looks on.
Gay, my fantabulous roomie and the camp organizer.
Aisha, age 20, our youngest camper sits with her father who also knits. Behind him is my new friend Jay who spins, designs, and teaches his 5th graders to make spindles and spin.

Gay got a real deal on a very large bus. We lucked out and had a fabulous driver, Patsy, who plans to take knitting lessons.

Twenty minutes out of Fort Collins, the bus dies. Patsy calls the owner who says "Oh, yeah. It overheats sometimes. Just let the motor cool, and from now on, don't use the air conditioner when you are going uphill."

Forty minutes later, the bus quits. We are in Wyoming. Wyoming is desolate for very long distances. Desolate means no cell towers; thus, no way to call for help. We opened the two ceiling hatches (the windows don't open) and headed off again as soon as the motor cooled. Luckily we all had Emergency Knitting.

Ultimately we made it. Peggy Wells, the owner and general manager, had made lunch for us. Peggy and her sister had attended camp last year and invited us up for the current year. We toured the facility and ate and then, bought!!!
The "hat" I'm wearing was designed by Kathy Hartmeister for Brown Sheep. Helen rode up on the bus with us. Unfortunately the pattern is still at the printer, but I will be getting it. It is more like a crown so it doesn't smush your hair. The wild felted fringe can be worn up or down. I like up---makes me look taller. The pattern for matching mittens is already out.

What did I buy? Oh, that's for another day.


Jet LeBlanc said...

You look so happy! Glad you're having fun.

Virtuous said...

OOh!! What a fab trip!! You must let me know about it next year!! :o)

Can't wait to hear about the other days of the trip!

My my my how long a drive is it to Nebraska?!?

Guess you can't complain about the break downs since it was a really good deal on the bus huh? ;op

turtlegirl76 said...

You were certainly surrounded by some brilliant minds! I love how inspired you are when you come back from camp. We need to talk about that thing on your head though.