Thursday, July 17, 2008

Brown Sheep Purchases

See how good I was. Just this much bought and all of it either a second or a discontinued color.
This is a superwash in a DK weight. I have some in a blue and a turquoise. I'm thinking heavy socks for this. Occasionally I need some instant gratification knitting.
My beloved Cotton Fleece in the Cherry Moon colorway. This is planned for a sweater for me. Maybe a new Gansey sweater. My old one is cotton fleece and is pretty worn.
My favorite. Ten skeins of Cotton Fine, Cotton Fleece's baby sister. The colorway is Grey Dawn and -- darn it-- has been discontinued. I bought all they had. It will be a lace something. I love this yarn for lace. The 20% wool makes it a year round yarn for us Southerners and the twist of the cotton holds the shape of a lace pattern beautifully.
This is the color card for a new yarn from Brown Sheep. Most of the world loves Lamb's Pride because it felts so beautifully. The 15% mohair content also adds a halo effect to it. Some folks do not like the halo, so Brown Sheep has produced Lanaloft. It is simply Lamb's Pride without mohair. Same great felting quality and some stunning handpaints. I showed this to Remi at Charlotte Yarn and I do bellieve she will be buying it and the Burly Spun for winter.

Last night I promised Cristi I would really talk up the Cotton Fine to Remi also.

I brought a pound of top to share with my spinsters. It is the same wool they use for Top of the Lamb, another of their wool yarns. Has a great feel and Remi can order it for us. I left a sample at the shop.


Jet LeBlanc said...

GREAT finds!!

shillelagh said...

Hi Jane
This is the first I've seen of your yarn. You're in my blog too, so if you want to see, hop on over to: