Saturday, November 03, 2007

Image Upload Fixed--More SAFF

The above is roving from Gail's Art. The colorway is Deep Sea. My plans are not to spin it, but to make a felt-gridlock-scarf. Pattern and instructions

I wrongfully cursed Blogspot for two days about the upload feature, and then read the help section. Seems that Safari has updated and it is blocking Blogspot features, so have switched browsers to Firefox. One of the cons of MAC use is not everything about the net works well.

SpiderWeb dyed by Interlacements. Judy Ditmore was at SAFF. I was pleased to talk with her a while and catch up on some mutual friends. I was privileged to meet Judy years ago just as she was making it big. Her colors are wonderful and she only uses the best yarn. My first socks were made from her Toasty Toes.

This gorgeous stuff will be some incredible lace something. There are 2500 yards, so it could be anything. No, turtlegirl76, no cap shawl for me. Maybe this.

Hand surgery is scheduled for Monday, November 19. I don't know why my friends are getting together a pool to vote on how long before I knit again. Hint: I will not be taking knitting to the hospital, but I should be home by 1pm that day.

FOs and more SAFF tomorrow.


turtlegirl76 said...

Hmm...that is a healthy amount though. You could double it and still have a big project in mind. There's plenty in VLT that require as much or more yardage as the Cap Shawl so there's plenty to choose from.

I say you wait a week before you try.

kneek said...

Hand surgery for a knitter? Have you rigged up some prosthetics? Maybe a little machine knitting with your toes?

I noticed in my blog stats that several people have been coming to my blog from yours for the last four or five days, but I can't figure out why. Perhaps you can help me figure out the connection.