Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving; FO

The family has headed to Nashville and I am home nursing my carpel tunnel release incision. Every thing is going well; not much pain. Today I am thankful for a super surgeon, a nurturing family, and all my knitting buddies.

I finished this Swallowtail shawl before the surgery. Used Handmaiden Seasilk (100 gr) and size 6 needles. It has not yet been blocked. Jake seems to like it.

Another look because I took the pic.

This detail shows the beads I used in place of the nupps on one section of the pattern. The beads have a matte finish and really blend in to the yarn. I also added them to the final pattern. I like that they are subtle, yet add some weight to the edge of the shawl. I looked for other patterns for this yarn, but this is just my favorite.

The swatch from the beginning shows some of my beaded markers. My beading is still a new skill, but I'm improving.

Have a great day, eat lots of comfort food and knit on.

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