Thursday, November 01, 2007

Brooks Farm Mohair Detail SAFF #1

I cannot get Blogger to load my photos today so I must send them from Flickr. New skill for me and I'm not taking time to figure out how to get them here all in one post.

This is some 100% mohair, DK wt, 500 yds/8 oz. I have 2 of them and I don't know what it will be. Shelley loves their yarn and lured me into the booth. Taunted me with my comments of how I can't wear green. General consensus was THIS green was MY green. Now I own it. Kinda like it, too. It has a great sheen. It may become another Ilga Leja Antique Vest.

Pretend this is a picture of Cate Blanshett as Elizabeth I.

Saw Elizabeth:The Golden Age today. Lovely, beyond lovely. Gorgeous textiles and Clive Owen in pirate clothes as Sir Walter Raleigh. Jennie and I drooled. Oh--the British still beat the Armada. Highly recommend.

More new yarn tomorrow.

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turtlegirl76 said...

Very pretty! But Mohair is the devil to me. But I went and bought some 50/50 blend roving anyway. I couldn't fight the pretty. Let's hope I don't break out in a rash while spinning it.