Wednesday, September 26, 2007

NEW Sock Pattern--Estonian Button Stitch

This is my new sock pattern. I remembered a stitch in a square that Nancy Bush submitted to Knitters for an afghan. Lately I've become very interested in Estonian knitting; I'd love to take Nancy's lace shawl class. Of course, I've already had several classes with Merike Saarnit. I looked up the issue of Knitters and the pattern for this sock began.

The yarn is from Yarn Nerd, an enabling assist from turtlegirl76. He does a nice job with the dyeing and I like the base yarn; it has a tight twist. Sorry I've forgotten the details, but 100 grams of any sock weight will do.

The main thing I was looking for was--ta dum--a way to avoid pooling and a way to make the yarn look as good in the sock as it did in the hank. The button stitches broke up the colorway nicely and added texture without making the cuff bulky. (Bulky is not a word I like to hear.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pattern. If you have any trouble with the Button Stitch, email me.


J Johnson said...

I love your socks!

Brenda said...

Very pretty sock! I'll have to try the button stitch at some point.

Anonymous said...

we need a video on how to make a EWWstonian button stitch