Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mystery Stole #3 Knit a Long

June 18th DH and I have been married 41 years. He gave me a new digital camera; mine is the first Canon PowerShot and it does not take a great picture. At least that is my story and I’m sticking to it. The new one is the PowerShot A640. Hopefully I can take sharper images. If not, be discreet and don’t mention it to me.

I don’t get involved in Knit-a-longs. More words to eat.

HERE is the site to join this global whirlwind. Melissa from Leesburg, Va. is hosting her third Mystery Stole Knit-a-Long and over 2,000 knitters from around the world have signed up. The email traffic is major—do select the digest to begin with to keep from swamping your mailbox.

It is a bit of a chore to go through or delete the email, but I have already learned some neat things and discovered some good sites who will take my money and send me yarn. Lots of help for adding beads (optional), reading charts, knitting lace, and who makes the best lace needles. (I’m still an Inox fan and just found some Inox express for socks.) Everyone says the email traffic will subside once the first clue is posted on June 29th. You can always just check to read it online.

I’ve knit my gauge swatch for the project. I used a Cormo yarn that I bought in Colorado last year at camp. It’s from a small rancher and was just a fluke that it was available. It’s the bounciest yarn I have ever knit and I love the feel in my hands. ( Elsa Sheep and Wool Company) Mine is worsted spun and 2,000 yards per pound.

I was shocked that it took a size 7 needle for me to get the look and drape I wanted, but this will give me a 24” width with the 99 st cast on.

This is going to be so interesting. I can’t change the pattern because I won’t know what is coming next.

Please check out the website and join in. Several folks from the Charlotte Knitting Guild are signed up, so we might can meet early for our special show and tell.

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Julie said...

I have some laceweight from Elsa Sheep and Wool. I ordered it after a review on Knitter's Review some time ago. It is lovely, soft yarn. I'm waiting on a Zephyr order for the Mystery Stole, though. I think the cormo is going to be an Oregon Shawl (by Joan Shrouder) someday.