Friday, June 29, 2007

Mystery Stole #3 Knit a Long, Sidewinders

Mystery Stole #3 Knit a Long

Clue #1 came out today. Above is a picture of Chart A. We are knitting on the diagonal. I changed my mind about the yarn. I’m using a mercerized cotton that I bought some years ago in Copenhagen. I remember when I bought it wondering what on earth I would do with it—I didn’t knit lace then—but it was the most beautiful dark pewter gray I had ever seen. Over the years I have fondled it regularly. This contest was the “Aha!” I’m using beads leftover from another project. I hope I have enough---but if not, there is a design opportunity.

It is not too late to join me and over 3,000 other knitters around the world who are participating in this knitalong. You can even just lurk and read the chat—boy, these guys do talk alot. Google Mystery Stole 3 and it will send you to the yahoo groups. The sign ups close July 6th.

Sidewinders Sock

This is the cast on for the most wearable vertical sock I have seen to date. The design is available from Nona Knits.

The instructions are long, but that makes them thorough. She has sized them for every imaginable foot. Warning: Do a real swatch. I didn’t and knit the first sock to fit Olive Oyl. I’m keeping it to show and tell. After I swatched, I went to a #2 needle (I usually knit on #0 for socks.) It fits well. It also fits my daughter (see pictures). Once I knit the second (third) one, I’ll have to decide who gets to keep them. The yarn is Opal—the Hundertwerken series I mentioned earlier. I loved working with it and after it was washed it softened nicely.

I highly recommend the pattern. Nona knows her stuff!! I like best the vertical instead of horizontal strip. Also – it seemed to take a long time and some serious thought to knit the first sock. The second sock flew. There is a learning curve with this, but it’s steep.


Hilari said...

Wow! That is a wildly great sock!!! Love how the striping turned out! great job

CreativeWhimsy said...

I do like your choice of yarn for the MS3.
Also love the funky socks. I must go look into getting the pattern!

turtlegirl76 said...

I like your MS3 yarn as well. The Alpaca Cloud I'm working with is a light grey so you can't see the pattern as well. But it's still purty. Love the sock.