Thursday, February 01, 2007

Read this Book!!!!

I bought it around lunch time yesterday and finished reading it by lunch today. It is a phenomenal story about women and their support of each other. It's about the knitters you know and love. It's about joy, tragedy, humor, survival, growth--everything. And it is so readable. The author will be at Charlotte Yarn on the 9th from 1-3 and I cannot wait to meet her. I don't go to signings and I don't get off on meeting celebrities--except John Dominic Crossan. But I am going to this one to tell her she got it just right. I've been the stranger walking into groups of knitters many times, many retreats, trips, camps. They have all had this incredible spirit that I never get over being blown away by. Read this book!! Read the first chapter online at The Friday Night Knitting Club. You will not be sorry.

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knitten kitten said...

Did you know Julia Roberts is starring in the movie based on this book. She's Georgia! I can't wait.