Monday, February 05, 2007

Lavold sweater/Making a Start/Furniture/

I have been knitting. Actually this is the second time I have knitted a sweater from this yarn. No, the actual same yarn. I frogged all but a bit of the other sweater. Then I did some cool things that I will explain as soon as I am finished. Just about three more inches around the body and some tubular bind offs. Maybe I can finish and wear it to guild tomorrow night. Learned a huge amount as always when I make big mistakes. This is Elsebeth Lavold Silky wool knitted on size 4s, and size 3s, and size 2s. More later.

I have made a start. I have sorted my needles and set aside some for my knitting attic sale. Next I will sort books. Finally I will tackle the yarn. Then I will advertise the sale and invite all the knitters I know to come knit and shop. Actually it should be fun. I might make a little money (to spend on new knitting stuff) and I will have the satisfaction of knowing the stuff went to a knitter, not just a bargain shelf somewhere.

I also plan to sell my loom. That was a hard decision, but I really don't weave anymore and I need the space. It is a Schacht Baby Wolf, with a high castle shelf and 8 harnesses. It's nice looking and weaves well. I'll throw in many accessories.

The chair arrived. I swapped the self fabric pillow for a red one and it looks great. Sits fine, too. It isn't as bright as the picture I bought it from and I was counting on that. The dogs haven't discovered it yet, so it is still clean. I think the red pillow intimidates them.

The Charlotte Knitting Guild meets tomorrow night. Check the side panel for the link. Join us.

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turtlegirl76 said...

Aww crap. I forgot about guild. I have a thing with the ladies at work tomorrow night. If I can show up a little late to that I'll at least be able to stop by guild but I won't be able to stay through the program. Crap.

The chair looks cool! I like it! And I hope I get to see your sweater!