Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Book; Sale book inventory; On the needles

I finally got an inventory and some pricing on my books for the craft sale. My blog readers get first dibs and then my students. After that complete strangers are welcome. I am too stupid to post a link without having to retype the list, so if you want a look, just respond or email me and I’ll shoot you a Word file. The Denise Needles I mentioned in my last entry are already gone.

I bought the new Amy Singer book because I live in the South. She has several opening chapters about the properties of non wool fibers which I need for my sweaters. Great charts that summarize the info and allow you to compare the yarns. The patterns are lovely, but were not my primary interest.
My fave is Intoxicating which combines a mosaic front with a different mosaic back and lace sleeves (Shouldn’t get bored knitting this.) I would soften the colors and maybe put the high contrast front pattern on the back. No need to draw any more attention to my boobs.

I also love Morrigan (no pic available) which is covered in small, crisp cable patterns and is knitted in Rowan’ Calmer.
I plan to buy Calmer and some hemp ASAP. Forget the vow of no new yarn. This is necessary!

Have started the Simple Knitted Bodice by Stefanie Japel which I bought from Stitch Diva. I’m doing it in (from the stash) bright red Super 10 cotton which means changing the gauge and adding some length for shrinkage. This project was supposed to be a simple “follow someone else’s pattern” but has turned out to require thought. I forgot the part about using the same yarn as the pattern to cut down on calculations, but I don’t want a worsted weight wool sweater.

New – and best ever—sock pattern underway. Also working on a lace shawl that is jerking my chain. Do not knit lace in dark handpaint. You can’t see it.


Anonymous said...

I want a list of books...
The older the odder the better...

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the list.
debra davis