Sunday, January 28, 2007

I've Lost My Mind

I bought furniture on line! Sight unseen, never sat on. I have no idea what the fabric feels like. I only have a computer picture. I don't have patterned fabric anywhere in my house--just solid textures. What was I thinking?

I was thinking that I could save a lot of money($300). I was thinking that my daughter always is pleased by what she buys on I wasn't thinking that she usually buys books. I was thinking that the fabric was a possible room maker--or a room destroyer, but recovering was an easy thing. The shape was right, the size was right, but the final straw that sucked me in was that the shipping was $1.00. A dollar!! Pray for me. Here it is:

Starting an Einstein jacket for 5 year old grandson. Cascade Eco-wool in a dark brown. This is great mindless knitting. I need it for when I knit with Shelly, Jeanmarie and Pat. We laugh so much that I have to pull out most of what I knit. Garter stitch I might can handle.

Still knitting the purple Lavold. Still going well.

Bought a Stitch Diva pattern after seeing the sweater on Turtlegirl76. The neckline is what I wanted. I'll probably alter the sleeves-- shorter, less bell. I think I will make it in a solid. It calls for worsted which I have very little of in my stash. I may play with the math and make it in Classic Elite Provence. Will loose the exotic look which I love but which is a bit much for my plans. It is a top down pattern and I only knit top down for me. It is interesting to see how they structure the sweater as compared to how I do. Maybe I'll learn something neat.

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I like chair. I think it has potential.