Friday, January 19, 2007

Gifts to Non-Knitters

In Athens, Georgia, friends of my older daughter pay me the nicest complement. When they discover they are pregnant, they tell hubby first and my daughter second. They expect a hat from me designed just for their child. It's an easy enough task and the real high I get from their joy is incredible.

Yesterday, E sent me a picture from a woman whose hat FINALLY fit her son. He's 3 now. Well, the hat was large and the child is small for his age. The neat part is that he's old enough to identify the chicks I embellished it with, and he likes them. I don't have permission to post the pic so I have blocked his face. But he is a beautiful young man who is brave enough to wear NC State regalia in Bulldawg country. (Those UGA fans are serious people!!!)

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