Thursday, August 10, 2006

Precious Pals--An Opportunity to do Girly Stuff

This is my first Precious Pal to be donated to the Charlotte Police Department. He's wearing a sweater knitted from the pattern on The Knitting Guild of America website. Officers will carry these animals in squad cars and use them to communicate with children who have been involved in or witnessed a crime. While shopping today, I acted on a hint from Debra Davis and stopped in at the Dollar Tree on South Blvd. I bought ten bears to dress for only $1.00 apiece. They are 20" tall and very soft.

I can't wait to get to work on something for the green bear. Since I have no granddaughters (two amazing grandsons), I plan to do a very girly sweater for this bear. Maybe metallics or ruffles. Maybe both.

The Guild is having a Knit In at Joseph-Beth Booksellers at Southpark on August 19th. We are planning to work on this project there all day. I'll take some of my bears to share with others.

Henry was a little confused. Okay, Henry is always a little confused. But he did wonder who all these guys were sitting on his sofa.


Jane J said...

Your bear looks so cute with his purple sweater! Good idea on the bears from $ store. Thanks for the inspiration.

turtlegirl76 said...

Dollar Tree! That's right down the street from Lance. I'll have to stop by after work and grab a few. I need to get started on my sweater. I don't want to cast on at Jo-beth, I want to have progress done. Heh. We'll see about that. I'm still recovering from my vacation!