Friday, July 28, 2006

World Cup Knitting crawls toward conclusion


Here we are so far. This is the body and yes the front and back are different. The yarn for both is Debbie Bliss Cathay, my new favorite, cotton/silk blend. I knit this from the top down and inserted vertical darts. See below.

This is the back. I included a sort of medallion like square at the top. Intention is to draw the eye away from my derriere and upward. At 5"2" I don't go upward very far. I added the light blue and gold at the bottom on the advice of my friend Beth. She took Lily Chin's design class at Camp Stitches and has truly become a wealth of good advice on the subject. She said to add a color I never wear to the design just to put it somewhere not near my face. What a great idea. This has kept the piece from being just another pink and purple sweater. This pic also shows the very beginning of the sleeve.

Found the pattern for the sleeve in one of Barbara Walker's books. The yarn is Noro Lily--more cotton and silk. I expect to use this stitch pattern again because it is so easy.

1 (WS): Purl
2 (RS): Knit
3 (WS): Knit 3, Purl 3 across the row
4 (RS): Knit the knit sts as you see them, purl the 1st purl st, knit into the st below the 2nd purl st, purl the 3rd purl st

Repeat. Only every other 3rd row should be P3, K3 to offset the designs.

I've done even more, but DH is in Oshkosh at the Fly In with the camera. More pics as it finishes.

First class at Charlotte Yarn is next Saturday and I am excited. This will be a simple lace scarf class, but students will receive two patterns that I have designed. Remember my motto--keep it easy and mindless whenever possible. Thank the good Lord for plastic st markers.

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