Monday, July 10, 2006

Camp in Colorado

The above link is to my photos from the Colorado Knitting Camp. What a blast!!! Austrian Travel Stitches are just beautiful, but demand attention. They allow me to get the look of a wonderful texture like an Aran, but they don't make the fabric so bulky or stiff. Check out my first effort which was Wrist Warmers out of Noro Cashmere from a few Christmases ago. The design is my own, but the techniques, including the picot bind off, I owe to Candace Eisner Strick who taught the camp.

This is by far the most diverse and supportive group of women I've ever met. About half come to camp every year, but do not really see each other except in July. After many years together their bonds are strong. However, they manage to make each 1st year (or returning after 7 year) camper feel that they are totally part of the group and will be so forever. It is truly amazing. So much knowledge, yet knitters at many levels, and so much laughter. Every knitter should attend this camp at least once. The whole thing is a tribute to Sidna Farley who started this camp about 20 years ago. Sidna's health is very grave, but her legency lives.

I bought some lace weight 2 ply worsted spun Cormo from a local resident. I think a lace shawl is in order, but haven't decided which one. My last one was too delicate for a klutz like me. I pulled it on everything I passed. I'll knit this one to a tighter gauge. The yarn is natural in color, but I intend to dye it. Color depends on the size and shape.

I also bought one of those crank out the I-cord devises. Talk about fun. I may make Icord out of all my scrap yarn and turn it into a rug--or not. I love the look of Icord cast ons but not the tedium of knitting them. This may change my whole design process. I feel an Icord class coming on.


Mary Pat said...

Jane you are a sly one. I had no idea you had a BLOG.

Hope you don't let another 7 years go by before you come back.

Shelda said...

Those fingerless mitts are fabulous, Jane! I keep thinking that one of these days I will actually do a project with Bavarian twisted stitches, but I've yet to do so. This looks like it could be a great thing to try. Of course I'm also pretty enamored of Candace's shawl that she designed for Louet. So who knows?! Good possibilities, I guess.

Ellen said...

Jane - Thanks so much for posting your photos. I love the stitch for many of the same reasons....the pattern is beautiful but there is much less bulk.

Jane J said...

Missed you at Purl Friends on Tuesday night. I'm glad to see you blogging and will add you to my daily reads. Great job with the photos and layout!