Saturday, July 15, 2006

Not Enough Time

Too many ideas!! I made new Austrian Traveling stitch wristlets using a Tulip pattern that Candace shared. The Gem Merino fingering weight from Louet was much better than the Cashmere at holding stitch definition and at just bending things around. I also did a small piece in linen/cotton. No stretch. Agony to knit. My traveling stitch projects will be wool and that probably means socks.

My multi-Cathay jacket is coming along. This was to be my World Cup Knitting, but has become my Tour de France and entire season Formula I racing project. I placed the vertical darts a bit high and had to frog the two front panels. Then my idea for shaping the back in a similar, but shallower, way was a failure. I always learn more from failures than successes, so frogging equals progress in my world.

Steve's Bicycle socks are coming along. I'm through with the section depicting the guy on the bike and heading for the heels. I just read a pattern for a heel that makes the gusset first and then turns the heel--no nasty picking up stitches--so I dropped the socks and started a mini-sock to figure it out. More when finished.

My new classes for Charlotte Yarn have been posted on their website ( I go up today to put up samples and posters. I am looking forward to meeting lots of new people to join the great group of knit students I already know. I am still knitting visual aids for the classes.

I have a new idea for a bag pattern, several great new yarns, an inclination to do some really fine lace work, two grandsons who need sweaters----- I need more time!!!

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turtlegirl76 said...

The wristlets look great! I love the picot edge, I have yet to give that detail a try, just haven't had the opportunity. A-ha - all the more reason to cast-on something else new.