Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Sofas

We have received our new sectional sofas. I'm proud to announce that they will hold three knitters and two dogs, provided all are close friends. I'm ready for some serious group knitting.

Of course, new anything makes everything old look a little dingy--unless you are counting pricey antiques. Friday was a day off for Steve so he tackled putting a coat of paint on the end wall of the den. It's highly textured and I do hate to paint brick, but we have too many different textures in here and I was tired of my table art being lost among the bricks. My teak furniture really stands out now. As Steve painted, Henry and Jake supervised. I just stacked stuff and moved stuff and generally created chaos.

A new color scheme is under advisement. This fabric has chocolate, icy blue and hot green. It's a start, and quite a change from all the red. I really want to bring in lots of apple green. A ceiling guy comes Thursday to scrape the popcorn off the ceiling. Then it's pick colors (just open a vein) and hire a painter.

Big doings this weekend. DGS#2 spent the night without his parents. This was the first time. He's so young we didn't want to put him upstairs alone, so he slept in the back bedroom aka the closet. He loved it. I sneaked a picture while he was asleep, but that eye sure does look open.

Clearly from the pictures I need to declutter and symplify. Anyone want to come coach me?


turtlegirl76 said...

I'm still trying to do the same thing here. Watching an episode of Clean House sure helps.

Anonymous said...

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