Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year to All

It's January 1 and Steve and I are caulking the den pre-painting. It's never ending excitement at this house.

Just read Dani's blog about not doing resolutions. My only resolution is to try to make good choices. Not a bad life philosophy actually. I always taught that life was a series of decisions you make (That's why your homework wasn't done on time.) and you have to take the consequences.

I'm working hard on pattern writing. It's hard to divorce the teacher from the designer and left alone all my patterns would be 50 pages----and therefore never finished for publication. Curvaceous has done so well that I have Follow-up-itis about anything that comes out next. Top Cat, a silk collar, and the beaded handwarmers should come out in a week or so. This has so strangled my brain that I haven't even really published my class lists.

Deciding on classes hasn't been easy either. The smart business woman would just teach what people request. But I always THINK that what they request is not really what they need to grow as a knitter.

I still want to do a rather lengthy Knit to Fit workshop series. There is so much to know and none of it hard in order to custom fit your projects. It is so sad to see someone work so hard on a project and then never wear it because it doesn't quite fit. I've frogged quite a few in my time and it isn't pleasant. I've worked out an outline and may try teaching it as individual classes.

I'm still working on my version of Nicki Epstein's Matador Jacket. Also the jacket with the mitered squares lapels. I've added a top down raglan cardi for Meghan. No socks; burned out. Need to knit DGS#2 a sweater and DGS#! a Transformer hat.

Have several lace projects in my head and have done some swatching. I'm just bouncing all over the place.

Oh, I've lost 14 lbs. Thank you, Katherine.

Still meeting lots of former students on Facebook which is great fun. One I thought was dead turned up healthy and happy. Now that was a present.

Best wishes to everyone and thanks in advance for all the things you guys will teach me this year.

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Dani said...

I don't do resolutions because I believe like you, it's about making good decisions. That poem by Ms Willowroot I posted in my 2006 New Years post really says it best for me, and rather than a formalized "resolution" I try to do the things that bring me closer to being that person each day.

I love the idea of a knit to fit series - kind of the Math for Knitters class you did, but more detailed!