Saturday, October 07, 2006

Dogs and Docs

Well, I survived the beach trip with only a wounded liver. Didn't get all that much knitting done. Wonder why?

This past week was filled with medical pursuits. I had the "nose thing" removed by this really neat lady doc in incredible stilletos. Seriously these were like Jimmy Choos or something. Five inch heels and open toes. She had great legs. too. More power to her. I, of course, asked about them. How many doctors work all day in hooker shoes? She confessed an out of control obsession which harms no one else. This is a doc you could look forward to visiting just to see the shoes.

Second doc is not one to revisit, but he was very sweet. It was time for the colonoscopy and EGD or whatever. Anyway they video the digestive track from teeth to tail. Slept through it so the "taping" was not a problem. It is the prelim that will kill you. Under no circumstances should you choose the Lemon-Lime flavor of the trilyte. Never. Oh my lord is it awful?????? Everything seems to be pretty much okay. He put me on Prilosac. Even mounds of knitting isn't keeping the stomach acid at bay.

Speaking of -- in my nervousness and lack of food on fast day before the big event, I started another pair of socks. These are a combo of Cherry Tree Hill supersock and a solid Louet gem merino. I knit both cuffs that day and have finished the heels--Lucy Neatby's garter st ones. I'm almost through with the second foot. Most of the sock is just stockinette. The yarn is pretty enough to stand on its on and I wasn't in the mood to think at all. I'll post pics as soon as they are finished.

Went to South Carolina today and brought home a rescue dog for Henry. They called him Jake and I think the name may stick. He's a Shih Tzu mix, 5 years old, and with serious dental misalignment. He's healthy and really quite sweet. Meghan laughed at him, but I didn't send that child to cotillion as a teen and I've regretted it ever since. He's made himself right at home, took to his bed like a champ and napped all day. Henry's adorable little 20 watt brain is just not quite sure what is going on or whether he likes it, but he'll come around. Steve doesn't say much but grins a lot and clearly is enjoying the boy.

I'll have to knit Jake a coat before the weather gets really bad. That should be fun.

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turtlegirl76 said...

Aww, what a sweet puppy.

I frogged my latest endeavor in the sock world. I started Diamante with some Black Bunny Fibers yarn and well, it just didn't work with the pattern. It needs a simple stitch. Perhaps stockinette foot and feather and fan cuff? We'll see. *sigh*