Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Frustration/Class ideas

Both thumbs hurt. Try as I may, I cannot quite put all the blame on too much computing. It hurts to knit.

I spent yesterday spinning--Heaven forbid it be a fiber-less day--and didn't touch the needles until the evening. Knitted until it hurt and stopped.

I must be good. I must be good. I must be good.

I leave for Colorado Knitting Camp next week and I do want to be able to fully participate.

The Color Techniques class at The Sewing Bird has been so much fun to teach that I may offer it again at Charlotte Yarn in the fall. I also could offer it in individual sessions. Many people have complemented my Recycled silk bag (just above) and the new Noro Fair Isle one (first pic), so those could go in the mix. They were both fun to make and I do love the compliments they get.

I've enjoyed the scrumbled bag, but scrumbling is a tricky business. The technique is easy and absolutely forgiving, but color is hard. There are a lot of UGLY scrumbled pieces out there. Some of them are mine!! I gathered yarns to knit the Chris Bylsma Crayon Jacket (which would look awful on me because of its shape) and I think I will try scrumbling with some of them. Keeping it to many shades of two or three colors may be the answer. It's worth trying anyway. This is the only scrumbled piece that I have actually turned into anything.

Always thinking!

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Hhobama said...

I had no idea you had a blog! I will definitely keep reading. This is a great way to stay in touch with our busy lives! Harriet