Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fall Classes

I'm into my favorite teaching place--planning the units. I'm moving to a new LYS to teach beginning in August and will introduce myself to their folks with some lace classes. One is based on a horseshoe lace scarf I designed. This is for knitters who just want to try lace for the short term. For those who want to do a bit more, I'm designing a small sampler scarf. Which patterns to include and in which order--that is the question.

First and foremost--I have to enjoy knitting the pattern. That probably means the WS rows are just purl. It's nice to have a break from thinking. It also means that after one or two repeats, I am no longer stuck to the directions, but can "See" what comes next. Less thinking, more knitting is always my watchword. Actually I do a lot of thinking, I just want to do it before I cast on.

The new LYS has many young mothers as clients, so I'm also putting together a top down raglan class for them. I believe we should always knit top down if we really need a good fit. This class is a great starter for anyone. I'm just about finished with a sweater for DGS#1 in a slip stitch pattern which I just love.

I've knit DGS#2 a blanket in stripes using Cascade's Luna, which is their answer to Mission Falls cotton. Bad answer. Every skein has had at least one knot and some have had three. I'll never buy this again. I do like the colors and I am putting his name and birthday on it in duplicate stitch. Hope it's a hit with both DD and him.

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